"Hey Abacus"

"What was net income last month?"

Abacus is a smart virtual assistant

Abacus can help you and your members get things done. She can answer questions, send you information, or even route a document your way. It’s all possible using the Abacus chatbot platform.

Document Search

Abacus can send you documents simply by asking. No more searching through the file structure. Simply say, “Hey Abacus, send me form 1010”, and it will be delivered right to your inbox.

Get Information

Abacus can provide you with the most updated information, simply by asking. You can socialize the latest training materials, or even the most up-to-date procedures for a group of employees.

Ask Questions

Need something answered? When is my next vacation? How much PTO do I have left? Abacus can answer those questions instantly, reducing the time it takes to search for information.

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Abacus Features

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    Core Data

    Abacus is connected to all your data. She crawls information using her ‘Core’ algorithm to learn about your organization. 

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    With improved answer time, employees and members alike will have the ability to get answers to questions faster and easier than ever before

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    Abacus is multi-platform enabled, and can be deployed on any desktop, laptop, or tablet device. With integrated chats, and conversational recognition for a synced work stream. 

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    Data Storage

    Core is the Abacus central data warehouse, which enables her to store terabytes of data, and uses that information to learn as she goes.

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    The Abacus platform comes with customizable features that fit the needs of your organization.