Job Opening: Machine Learning Engineer

We are looking for engineers with a passion for using machine learning to create intelligent applications. You will design and implement new machine learning algorithms and techniques and collaborate with product development teams.

We are looking for new energetic members to join our ML Platform team. In this role, you will design and implement new machine learning, deep learning, NLP and computer vision algorithms, and incorporate them into our platform.

  • Deep technical skills in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, or artificial intelligence
  • A passion for making these methods robust and scalable
  • Strong software development skills, with proficiency in Python and C++ preferred Ability to explain and present analyses and machine learning concepts to a broad technical audience
  • Creative, collaborative, & product focused

Notable mentions:

  1. We are not looking for “perfect.” We understand that engineers are constantly learning and developing their skills. What we are looking for is HIGHLY motivated.
  2. No, we do not work crazy “start-up” hours.
  3. Although we know this can be a little scary, please be ready to show us your work.
  4. All candidates will undergo a pared programming sessions to evaluate strengths

Ready to apply?