The third-largest private-sector bank in India seeks a Customer Service solution to match its rapid growth.


A Bank wanted to find a set of solutions (potentially, a chatbot) for handling its growing volume of customer service inquiries driven by double-digit customer growth year-over-year. In particular, an approach more scalable than the traditional alternative of hiring additional customer service personnel.

“[How] could we eliminate the friction between customers and us? [How] could we give faster and much more accurate responses than existing processes? We needed to reduce email volumes and find a cheaper, more sustainable system of customer support”-Head of Digital Banking and Customer Experience 

What is a Chatbot and how does it do the job?

Derived from “chat robot”, a chatbot is a computer program that conducts conversations with users via text (or sometimes voice) that is increasingly enabled by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Chatbots have gained traction in several industries and contexts, with customer service a prime application. Yet questions remain about how nascent technology may impact customer service levels, business results, workflows and business processes, employees and the workforce, and the broader industries.

Here’s how Abacus was able to help. 

“If we are taking humans, giving them scripts, and making them behave like machines, script after script, then let’s actually have intelligent machines answer queries in the first place!” 

Using Abacus’ AI Virtual Assistant, or Chatbot, the bank was able to streamline its customer service process in a cost-effective way without sacrificing quality. Since its initial launch with the bank, Abacus has released updates with new features and improved algorithm performance twice a month to improve Customer Service for the bank.