The genesis of Abacus and how we can help make your company searching ability more effective.


Artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant Abacus, launched within in a midwest credit union to help improve employee search and information requests.

Prior to developing its AI voice assistant, the credit union built a robust mobile banking app, which proved to be ineffective at solving their high demand for internal queries. As a result, the company sought to find out how the app’s functions could be most effectively served by an AI-based voice assistant within its mobile banking app.

“We analyzed commonly used mobile app functions that we thought would be most valuable for customers. We looked at customers’ need and daily routines to define different use cases. From there, we designed a character to embody the mobile assistant concept and create a companion-like emotional relation with the user,” says the Executive Vice-President of Digital Banking.

And so, Abacus virtual assistant was born!

Abacus gave this company new tools to: 

+help with the latest account activity

+assist with transfers

+give exchange rate information

+reroute clients to a branch with an available appointment (if their local branch was unavailable)

+guide customers to ATMs and digital channels (if branches are particularly busy)


——all via voice or text.