A global leader in micro-loans sought the help of an In-depth AI virtual assistant to help with lead conversions.



Improve Visitor-to-lead conversion rate by focusing on the visitors who were most likely to become consumers, while ensuring that those consumers were from companies large enough to be considered viable.

Chatbot system: Abacus
Industry: Fin Tech
Key stats:

  • Visitor-to-lead conversion rate increased from 6% to 20% in six months.

Major takeaways:

“Our leads tend to be 70% out [of range] of our target and 30% in [range],” says the CMO.

That’s where Abacus came in. 

Abacus was able to point the Micro-loan company’s Sales Rep’s toward the ideal size client they desired, rather than spending time on leads that would not Reward them. Abacus did this by grabbing the IP address of the incoming lead and matching it to publicly available information on the size of the company making the inquiry. This allowed the Micro-loan company to weed out companies that were not viable, thus, streamlining their process and allowing Sales Reps’ to focus on the right clients.

“[Through Abacus’ AI Virtual Assistant] we’re able to, by IP address, identify companies by their size, and only present to our Sales Reps, chats that come from companies that we want to sell to.”