Leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation Platform that Scales

Automation can help you and you get things done. Abacus RPA can automatically send emails, create tickets, or even navigate complex online forms

Automate Emails

Abacus RPA can help you automate emails, messages, or even notifications. With a simple process-flow, you can establish customized emails that send automatically.

Automate Processes

Abacus RPA can help you automate daily processes, such as submitting a ticket, balancing a reconciliation, or pulling data from a website, internal link, or even a document.

Track Everything

Abacus RPA allows you to track everything, showing a clear audit trail of what happened, where something was submitted, and when. If an error arises, you are the first to know.

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Abacus RPA Features

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    Automate Emails

    Abacus RPA allows you to automate emails messages, including when and who to send based on conditional logic

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    Automate Process Flows

    Automate the creation of users, completion of tasks, or a ticketing system. RPA can login, click the necessary buttons, and populate fields.

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    Track every move of your RPA bot. With RPA Audit, you can see what your bot completed, and when. 

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    System Automation

    Abacus RPA can even automate computer systems as a whole. Restart, logout, or login at specific times during the day. 

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    Customize your RPA bot to fit the needs of your automation requirements. Create user roles, and restrict access where needed.