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Communicate with confidence, knowing our end-to-end encrypted messaging solution is tailored for banks, credit unions, and insurance companies, ensuring compliance and security.

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Unified Data Access

Unlock the potential of your data by securely connecting to various enterprise sources, powered by our advanced, locally-run large language models.

Abacus AI Regulated Industries
Industry Compliance

Maintain compliance in regulated industries with our solutions engineered to meet industry standards.

Abacus on-prem LLM Integration
Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate our solutions into your existing systems, amplifying productivity and efficiency.

Abacus Financial Services AI
Data Security & Privacy

Trust our private and secure LLMs, which run locally on your environment, safeguarding your organization's sensitive information.

Knowledge Management Powered by Secure LLMs

Effortlessly access, manage, and share knowledge through our cutting-edge platform, leveraging the power of secure and private large language models.

Power your Organization with Abacus' Secure LLMs

Join the growing number of companies harnessing Abacus' innovative, secure, and locally-run large language models to transform the way they access, manage, and share information.


On-Premise Deployment

Experience the flexibility and security of deploying our private LLMS on your organization's local servers or private cloud, ensuring full control over your data.


Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect our locally-run LLMs with your existing infrastructure, including databases, content management systems, and other enterprise platforms.


Security & Privacy

Safeguard sensitive information by restricting access to your private LLMs within your organization's intranet or VPN, maintaining data privacy and security.


Scalable Architecture

Experience seamless navigation and adapt our platform to your organization's unique needs with a user-friendly interface and customizable features.

Abacus is For Customers, Employees, Everyone.

Experience our integrated enterprise search solutions, designed to streamline knowledge management and secure communication across your organization.

Abbi Search

Introducing Abbi Search, your internal tool for streamlined enterprise search. Leveraging AI technology, Abbi swiftly navigates your organization's data, delivering precise results.

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Abbi Agent
Call Center

Meet Abbi Agent, your new AI-powered Voice Assistant. Handling multiple callers with accuracy and speed, Abbi revolutionizes customer service.

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