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The Operating System for Private, On-Premise LLMs in Financial Services and Regulated Industries
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Private LLM for On-Premises Deployment

AbacusOS Private LLM (AOS-30B) is a state-of-the-art large language model designed specifically for financial services and regulated industries. Our solution ensures the highest level of data security and privacy by installing the LLM locally within your organization's environment, allowing you to train the model on enterprise data without ever compromising safety and security.

AbacusOS Private LLM
Localized Installation
AbacusOS is a private, on-premises LLM model, allowing for seamless integration.
AbacusOS Private LLM Data Privacy
Data Privacy
Data remains within your controlled environment and never leaves your infrastructure.
AbacusOS Private LLM Training Security
Training Security
Utilize your own data, content, and user conversations for model training.


Model Tech Specs


Our state-of-the-art platform leverages cutting-edge technology to provide you with a seamless and powerful training environment, ensuring optimal results tailored to your organization.

Model Training


AbacusOS was initially trained using multiple NVIDIA A100 clusters, achieving an average Model Flops Utilization (MFU) of over 46%. In order to enhance performance, the model was transitioned to a new cluster equipped with 256 NVIDIA H100 GPUs. This upgrade resulted in a remarkable 2.44x increase in throughput per GPU.

35% MFU

AbacusOS introduces a unique optimization technique that allows for a 35% reduction in Model Flops Utilization (MFU) without sacrificing performance. This innovative approach provides greater resource efficiency, enabling you to achieve more accurate and reliable LLM models while utilizing fewer computational resources.

Context Windows

8K Tokens

AbacusOS-30B (AOS-30B) models support an extended context window of 8k tokens, allowing for more comprehensive and meaningful interactions. Unlike other models with a 2k token limit, AOS-30B can handle arbitrarily long context windows, ensuring a deeper understanding of the content and improved language generation.

Efficient Training

AbacusOS utilizes an innovative training approach, trained efficiently with 40-60% Model Flops Utilization (MFU) without loss spikes. Our platform supports seamless transitions between hardware, such as NVIDIA A100 and H100 clusters, resulting in increased throughput and performance.


15x Cost Savings

Benefit from a cost-efficient and scalable pricing model that charges per-GPU-minute, without any premium for custom models. AbacusOS per token rate is 15x less compared to open-source alternatives.


AbacusOS enables fine-tuning on your private data, with results in just a few hours and at a minimal cost. For advanced use cases, such as custom domains, or tasks, further customize AOS-30B with domain-specific pre-training.

On-Premises Deployment

Enterprise VPC

Deploy models within your own virtual private cloud (VPC), providing a secure environment for model training and inference. With full control over your VPC, you can ensure data privacy while maximizing accuracy through fine-tuning on your own data. Experience the advantage of scalable pricing, data security, and tailored solutions with AbacusOS's Enterprise VPC deployment option.

Enterprise CSP

Integrate with your preferred cloud service provider (CSP) for on-premises deployment, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure. Our Enterprise CSP option allows you to harness the power of AbacusOS's advanced language models while maintaining compatibility with your organization's preferred cloud platform.


Model Specifications

Discover the detailed specifications, capabilities, and performance metrics of AbacusOS's MPT-30B models.

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Implementation Guide

Download this comprehensive guide to integrating AbacusOS's AOS-30B models into your existing infrastructure.

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Use Cases

Real-world applications and success stories of organizations leveraging the power of AbacusOS's AOS-30B models.

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